Why is Temu cheaper than Amazon (Temu introduction)

The reason why temu is cheaper than Amazon is because temu adopts a small profit but quick turnover model.

On temu, sellers are only temu’s suppliers, they rush to supply the platform without the right to decide the selling price themselves.

The merchant sends the product to Temu’s warehouse, and Temu will only pay the merchant after selling the product.

And once a product sells well, temu will keep asking merchants to lower the supply price, and their selling price will instead keep increasing.

It can be said that the low price of temu is obtained by the merchants who squeeze the supply, and for products that cannot be sold, they will refund them to the merchants, even requiring the merchants to bear the shipping costs themselves.

So I think we should resist such a disgusting platform together and let temu get out of our country. At this moment, let’s uninstall temu some!

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